Avid Motorist’s Driving Pet Peeve #1

Here’s a compilation of dashcam clips I caught in July, mostly on my Thinkware F770. I like how this camera has an easily accessible manual recording button but the voice prompt that follows is quite annoying when I upload these clips. Unfortunately it can’t be disabled but I think I’ll just mute it in the future. If you like this kind of content and want to keep up with my video content, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Avid Motorist Driving Pet Peeve #1: The Narcissist

You’re not the only driver on the road so let’s try and make decisions that minimize your negative impact on other drivers. If you’re in your car, you’re a part of traffic whether you like it or not, but you do get to choose what kind of role you play amongst this traffic. The BMW driver at 0:16 illustrates a prime example of what not to do; this driver figures that he can save himself a few seconds by stopping on a busy street to make an illegal U-turn rather than turning left at the next intersection and perhaps making a U-turn in an alley or a 3-point turn on a quieter side street. By pulling the maneuver that he did, a line of cars built up behind him and are forced to merge into the right lane (if they wish to get to proceed on their commute). This not only inconveniences others but also makes their time on the road riskier as they now have to assess for safe gaps in traffic to merge rather than simply driving straight. By actively choosing to save yourself a bit of time and ignoring the impact it has on others, that makes you a narcissist.

The gripe I have with the narcissist has nothing to do with legality. When there is literally no traffic on the road (e.g., in the middle of the night), feel free to pull a move like this as it inconveniences no one. Perfectly legal actions can also be classified as narcissistic, such as making a legal left turn on a notoriously busy street rather than driving an extra 2 blocks to where there is a protected left turn lane. Those who have driven on Knight St between E 57th and Marine Drive during rush hour would be familiar with this. It’s all a matter of context and sharing the road in a way that follows the golden rule (drive as you’d like to see others drive).

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