The Avid Motorist is Heading to Area 27!

Very excited to announce that I’ll be attending a track day at the brand new racetrack in the Okanagan this weekend. From the few videos I’ve seen, this really looks like a world class track with a great flow to it and some very high speed corners. At the same time, it’s surprising to see a few blind corners that don’t have much runoff either (check out 6:05 of this video) but it’ll be neat to see how this actually plays out behind the wheel. The event will be hosted by the supercar dealer, Weissach, and will be exclusive to their customers so we should see a mix of Porsche, Lotus, Lamborghini and perhaps more. It will offer instruction led by Richard Spenard and a track full of first-timers like myself just to make things interesting.


I’m honestly quite nervous about this as it’s been a while since I’ve driven at an unfamiliar track and I’ll be learning this one in a 600hp RWD Lamborghini of all cars. Frankly, I debated whether or not to sign up for this event as it’s a 5 hour drive and the event fee was not insignificant. However, given the exclusivity (and frankly elitism) associated with this track, this may be the only opportunity that I’ll get to drive Area 27 as the $40,000 membership and $3000 annual dues just aren’t realistic for most grassroots car enthusiasts. I’m curious whether this membership structure will change in the future and if the track will be opened up to smaller and less affluent motorsport clubs.

We will be towing the Huracan with our newly acquired Touareg TDI and trailer as it’s too much mileage to put on the car which has already made two round-trips to The Ridge this year. I’ll still be running the factory street tires for this event but at least it’ll provide a familiar setup to learn the track with. I can’t wait to report back and share videos of this new track, stay tuned right here on or on my Facebook page!

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