Civic on Cambie DJ6 76L

This driver made an awful right turn onto Cambie from King Edward without looking at oncoming traffic and took up almost three very wide lanes to make his right turn. Pretty common careless driving but what sets this driver apart, and what earns him a spot on the Avid Motorist Hall of Shame, is that he decided to make a further ass of himself by stopping in traffic and throwing a hissy fit for being honked at. Grow up and learn to drive DJ6 76L

Dash Cams

The dash cam used in this video is the Thinkware X550 with a DIY fitted CPL filter. I’m really quite impressed with how much detail this camera still manages to pick up with a CPL filter on at night. I switched to this camera as my Fiesta ST suffers from too many dashboard reflections and the Thinkware F770 I was using before didn’t offer the clearance needed to add a CPL filter.

For $20 off on the Thinkware X550, use the discount code AVID20 at checkout at

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