Railway Crossing Fail (Dash Cam)

This driver’s lack of awareness and indecisiveness put them in a rather uncomfortable position with the railway crossing. It’s a Toyota in Richmond so those driver traits aren’t very common. Could have easily accelerated through the crossing or backed up, but the last thing you want to do in a railway crossing is stop with part of your car on the tracks…

Looks like some contact was made, although I’m sure the damage isn’t all that noticeable.

Dash Cam

Using my new Thinkware X550 with a jerry-rigged GoPro CPL filter. It’s got the same video recording hardware (processor, sensor, lens) as the F770 I was using before but it was easier to fit a CPL on the X550 over the F770. I do wish it had WiFi but otherwise it’s an awesome device with a user-friendly interface. It also doubles as a makeshift backup cam on my Fiesta.

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