Rob Ferretti Exposes a Stanced Miata

If you hang around enough motorsports enthusiasts, you’ll learn quickly just how much we despise stanced/hellaflush cars. Seeing a car that has been deliberately modified to handle worse than stock and struggle to make it over a small pebble on the road is simply depressing. As Rob points out, there are some things done to this car that make it a genuine death trap, check out the video below to see what I mean:

Some might say “hey, to each their own”, we should respect one another as “car guys” and respect everyone’s different tastes. But frankly, it’s more than just a paint job or a set of wheels I don’t care for; when someone goes out of their way to ruin the handling of a sports car and pose a safety threat to themselves and others on the road, it’s more than just “not getting along”. If someone told you they were a dog person, but you see their dog and realize that they purposely crippled it and gave it scars all over, would you actually consider them a dog person?  

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