I spend most of my time working with dashcams and making crappy driver video compilations, check out my YouTube channel for some of the content I create.

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My Favourite Dashcams:

  • Thinkware F770 – This is what’s in my Fiesta ST right now, 1080P front and rear with a low profile design. The physical button for manual recording helps make compiling dashcam videos easy and it’s the best dashcam for Mac users if you want to use 64GB and 128GB memory cards.
  • BlackSys CH-100B 2CH– What I recommend for anyone on a budget, video quality lags behind the Thinkware but WiFi app is easier to use and the price point is very attractive for a 2-channel system. Very good choice for hotter climates as it’s rated up to 70*C/158*F. Most customizable parking mode I’ve ever seen, packed with useful features.
  • Thinkware F50 – Best entry level parking mode device. Sony sensor, 1080P recording, tiny form factor, and built-in voltage cutoff/timer settings well under $200. A small button allows for manual recording and¬†compatibility with 64GB cards. Video quality is not as good as the higher end Sony sensors but would still offer very useful footage in the event of an accident or hit and run.
  • FineVu CR2000 OMEGA – What I used to use in the Fiesta ST, doubled as a backup camera. Dual 1080P Sony Sensors, very customizable memory card partition and motion detection sensitivity. On the larger side but still fairly discreet as long as the LED is turned off. I do miss the WiFi feature at this price point though. Excellent GPS with very accurate speed logging which worked great on track. CPL filter was awesome in reducing glare, one problem that I have yet to address with the Thinkware F770.

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If you want an honest opinion from me about a specific dashcam or have any questions feel free to email me at avidmotorist@gmail.com